Free tools for After Effects

Those tools were created when using After Effects, when needed. To help and accelerate production, simplify animation, have character rigging tools like the ones used in 3D softwares, better manage projects and rendering…
Those tools, created when needed, are completely free to use and to share, without any moderation !

New update! DuIK: Rigging and animation
Ducop: Comps parameters management
Duac: Automatisation of actions
Dugr: Gouping layers
Dufx: Effects management in a project
Durend: Rendering management


Other free tools

Some other tools, also deveopped when needed, which could be useful.

Dufile: Image sequences management

Icone on demand

On demand development

If you have special needs, I can develop personalized tools too, on the need, whatever budget you have.

Creative tools (animation, compositing, 3D, etc.), task automation, project management (versionning, asset management, files naming, etc.) can be created for your needs as personalized solutions which can allow you to save time (and money) at every levels of the production of animation and video.


For developpers

All the tools available here are free software licensed under  GNU-GPL v3, therefore their source code is available and free to use.

There are some other codes useful. Feel free to use them, they are gifts for you! But share them too, please!
(those codes are provided “as is”, you’ll certainly have to modify and adapt them to your needs)

ExtendScript for After Effects
C++ / Qt
Ducog : Generate class templates for C++, Extendscript, and MaxScript

Icone dev